The following is a list of Valkyria Chronicles 3 passwords that will unlock bonus content (which includes additional missions, characters, weapons and tank stickers) in the extras menu in Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Note that the passwords are case-sensitive and must be done using English Full-width.

JP PasswordsEdit



Tank StickersEdit

  • Aliasse Sticker - SCM6JW7LFP3WKY4A
  • Avan & Cosette Sticker - EL8TJ8G89K83C7KF
  • Comp-Ace Logo - YJRW8ECF6QE97R6J
  • Good Smile Company Sticker - HJE3QX3M7BFXMHT5
  • Magari Sticker - 2KAB3BJ8H58KXXGQ
  • Puyo Puyo Sticker - TJLF9AYGR344XN4G
  • Rappyko Sticker - R72ZPF4L7L3C7G6M
  • Shining Hearts Sticker - P9FMEB2A5Q9GNFPW
  • Torosutesutekka Sticker - TB6WKAEZ53R7GG8X
  • Unicorn Sticker - 3G6493MZW2MLSWZ4
  • Zeri Sticker - 4FL4WZ562R9FS4GN

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