Battle Potential

Class Potentials:

Class Potential Trigger
Scout-insignia Scout Sighting - Accuracy increased by 50% when enemy is sighted. Detect new enemy.
Scout Veteran Resist Boost - Increase Resistance to Status Effect by 50%. Start a turn.
Scout Elite Anti-Intercept - Reduce damage from Interception Fire. Taking damage from interception fire.
Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Firing Stance - Increase Accuracy by 50% when crouched. Attack while crouching.
Trooper Veteran Evasion Boost - Increase Evasion by 60%. Start a turn.
Trooper Elite Kamikaze - Increase Evasion and Accuracy by 50% when Half Health. Taking damage from interception fire until HP reaches half or less.
Lancer-insignia Lancer Side Defense - Damage from the Side is Reduced. Start a turn.
Lancer Veteran Vs. Armor Boost - Increase Damage against Armored Targets by 50%. Start a turn.
Lancer Elite Ammo Refill - Restock Ammo after Attacking. After attacking.
Engineer-insignia Engineer Vigilance - Raises Defense and Accuracy by 50% while Crouching. Crouch.
Engineer Veteran Exploit Boost - Increase Chances to inflict Status Ailments by 60%. Start a turn.
Engineer Elite Neutralize - Enemy can't Counter. Attack.
Armored-tech-insignia Armor Tech Poison Resist - Immune to Status Ailments. Start a turn.
Tech Veteran Power Throw - Increase Throwing Distance by 50%. Enter targeting mode.
Tech Elite Second Wind - Refills AP to full when AP Reaches Half. AP is less than half.
Sniper-insignia Sniper Backup Sniping - Increase Power vs. Personnel and Accuracy by 60% when no one is around. No unit nearby(friend or foe).
Sniper Veteran Accuracy Boost - Increase Accuracy by 50%. Start a turn.
Sniper Elite Eagle Eye - Increase Zoom capacity. Start a turn.
Gunner-insignia Gunner Resist Counter - Increase Resistance to Counter Attacks. Before enemies' counter attack.
Gunner Veteran Vs. Personnel Boost - Increase Damage done to Personnel by 60%. Start a turn.
Gunner Elite Med. HP Recovers - Recovers 100 HP after Attacking. After an attack.
Fencer-insignia Fencer Covert Attack - Attack is Undogeable when Attacking with Crouch. Attack while crouching.
Fencer Veteran Defense Boost - Increase Defense by 50%. Start a turn.
Fencer Elite Feint - Undodgeable. Start a turn.

High Potentials

Super Potentials

Personal Potentials

Prerequisites High Potential Trigger
Arrow right Critical Shot - Critical damage regardless of impact point. Attack.
Scout-insignia Anti-Intercept
Fencer-insigniaCovert Attack
Arrow right Status Resistance - Resistance to status aliments increase when taking interception fire. Taking damage from interception fire.
Scout-insignia Resist Boost
Engineer-insigniaExploit Boost
Arrow right Double Movement - AP is restored to full when depleted. AP reaches 0.
Shocktrooper-insigniaFiring Stance
Lancer-insigniaAmmo Refill
Arrow right Sharpshooting - Aiming cross is smaller. Entering fire mode.
Shocktrooper-insigniaEvasion Boost
Gunner-insigniaMed. HP Recovers
Arrow right Impaling - Deals damage that ignores enemy defense. Attack.
Sniper-insigniaBackup Sniping
Arrow right Clear Sight(?) - Defense increase when taking interception fire. Taking damage from interception fire.
Armored-tech-insigniaSecond Wind
Arrow right Rejuvenation - HP is fully recovered after an attack. After an attack.
Gunner-insignia Vs. Personnel Boost
Arrow right Double Attack - Attack for a second time provided staying in firing mode. After an attack.
Sniper-insigniaAccuracy Boost
Fencer-insigniaDefense Boost
Arrow right Assassination - Accuracy and power vs personnel is increased in a successful sneak attack. Sneak attack.
Fencer-insigniaVs. Armor Boost
Gunner-insigniaResist Counter
Arrow right Assault - Power vs personnel and armor is increased. Beginning a turn.
Lancer-insigniaSide Defense
Armored-tech-insigniaPower Throw
Arrow right Side-Attack - Power vs armor is increased in a successful side attack. Side attack.
Armored-tech-insigniaPoison Resist
Sniper-insigniaEagle Eye
Arrow right Dud Mine - Does not trigger landmines when you step on them. Stepping on a mine.

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