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Valkyria chronicles 2

Randgriz is the capital city of Gallia, built on the southern shore of Lake Graz, and home to House Randgriz who live in the Castle Randgriz.


The capital of Gallia since its days as a monarchy, this ancient city has the longest history of any in Europa.

The city takes its name from the ancient war hero who founded it and began rule over the surrounding area, the ancestor of today's House Randgriz. Surrounded by castle walls stretching 1km in diameter, the entire city stands as a citadel and contains the seat of Gallia's politics, economy and culture.


  • Randgriz appears as a multi-area map in Valkyria Chronicles 3 and all seems normal, however, the background during unit selection shows 1937 Randgriz with the rebuilt tower yet the game is set in 1935.
  • The name "Randgriz" is also also routed in Norse Mythology, as it is phonetically similar to the names of the Valkyries, Randgríðr and Ráðgríðr.