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Squad 7's R&R
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Also known as The Seventh Platoon's R&R, this is the fifth report in Valkyria Chronicles. This report details Squad 7's leave after the Midsummer Incident, before the operation to liberate Fouzen.

Unlocked from Ellet for 50,000DCT.

This report contains no combat mission.


After the rescue of Cordelia the grateful princess arranges for her rescuers to be allowed leave and grants them permission to use the private beach owned by the royal estate.

Much fanservice abounds, where we see Sergeant Melchiott wearing something entirely outrageous in the context of a 1930's world, Lieutenant Gunther sporting something entirely too conservative in the context of a 1930's world, and Captain Varrot explaining that nobody wants to see her in a swimsuit...

The joke being of course that in fact, we all do.

We do like Isara's hat though.

Notes/ TriviaEdit

  • Unfortunately, there isn't much to explain here. This report is mostly fanservice filler with very little to add to the epic storyline of Valkyria Chronicles, and merely exists as a reward for the player to see all the female leads in bikinis, and a way for Ellet to murder your bank account a little (At 50,000DCT, it is the most expensive report in the game and considering what lies within it that is not surprising).
  • In the Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive, it is joked in the final section that the beach scene had to be put in as it was traditional for the developer, SegaWOW (previously Known as Team Shinobi).
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