Richer Laudrup

Richer Laudrup
VR Richer Laudrup
Role Narrator
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Masako Ikeda
English TBA

Richer Laudrup (リシェール・ラウドルップ Rishēru Raudoruppu?) serves as the narrator for Valkyria Revolution.


The storyteller of Valkyria Revolution. While this war is said to be "a war of liberation thrown like a stone at the imperialist era," it is also said to be "a war of aggression started by a small country" and "instigated by the Circle of Five," but she tells the true story. She is the great-great-grandchild of Charlotte, a professor at the "Magic Arts School" that Amleth and Ophelia attended. She is a lower class noble who comes from a long line of researchers and is both a first-class researcher and educator.[1]


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