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Sara Benner

Sara Benner
Sara Benner
Birth Date c.1920 (Aged 17 by 1937)
Height 165cm
Affiliation Vanargand
Rank(s) Private
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Minami Tsuda

Sara Benner (サラ・ベナー Sara Benā?) is a member of the Vanargand in Valkyria Revolution. A former machinery and jewelry craftswoman and designer.[1]


Sara is a reputable designer and one of the rare people within Magic Arts industry goods that stresses the importance of often neglected "Ragnite Designs." She is a simple and naive girl who is well attuned to fashion and loves to talk. She is friendly and gets along well with others regardless of their gender and is a natural swindler. She doesn’t concern herself with social positions and is good friends with Ophelia. She has a side to her that can’t read the room, but is a capricious genius. If she likes something, she improves at it, but if not...[1]


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