Squad E emblem

Squad E, officially the Edinburgh Army 101st Division 1st Battle Brigade 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion 2nd Regiment Platoon E, otherwise also known as the "E Z Platoon", is the protagonist's unit in Valkyria Chronicles 4. Its motto, as incorporated in their squad emblem, is "It will be done".

Originally it wasn't a ranger unit, but rather a platoon composed of volunteer troops primarily of Gallians. However, the entire platoon volunteered to go through ranger school and they all passed, which is quite rare. After completion of their ranger training, the platoon was assigned to the newly established ranger battalion under the 2nd Regiment, keeping their original "Platoon E" designation.


  • According to the producer of Valkyria Chronicles 4, they wanted the squad to have nickname "E Z Platoon", and from there they came up with the name "Squad E".[1]