Status Ailments are debuff caused by certain weapons to both enemy and ally units. These effects are temporary and only last for several turns.

Valkyria ChroniclesEdit

HP DownEdit

Attack DownEdit

  • Effect: reduce attack power.
  • Weapons that cause the effect: MAJ-X series

Defense DownEdit

Aim DownEdit

Valkyria Chronicles 2Edit





  • Effect: reduce evasive skills.
  • Weapons that cause the effect: GSR-X series

AP Use UpEdit

  • Effect: AP depletes much quicker when moving.
  • Weapons that cause the effect: most weapons have a small chance of inflicting this effect. The chance is displayed as "Suppress" in the menu with "A" being the highest and "D" being the lowest.

AP WasteEdit



  • Effect: completely empty an unit's ammunition, including grenades. Weapons with infinite number of ammo are not affected.
  • Weapons that cause the effect: Viper-X series

No CounterEdit

  • Effect: render an unit able to intercept-fire or counter attack. Powered V2s are not affected.
  • Weapons that cause the effect: X-type Grenade

Valkyria Chronicles 3Edit

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