TV Animation "Senjou no Valkyria" Drama CD Second Chapter
Vcanime drama2
Price 2,940 Yen
Release Date October 7, 2009
Catalog Number FCCM-0278
Publisher Frontier Works
Number of Discs 1
TV Animation "Valkyria Chronicles" Drama CD Second Chapter (TVアニメーション「戦場のヴァルキュリア」ドラマCD 第2章) is a drama CD contrain 4 different audio episodes unseen in the anime.

Front Cover CharactersEdit

Track ListingEdit

  1. Meeting of the Idol and Angel (アイドルと天使の出会い)
  2. My Brother (私の兄さん)
  3. A moderate sniping practice (狙撃訓練はほどほどに)
  4. A witch's playful serenade (魔女が奏でるセレナーデ)

Translation of tracks can be found at:

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