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Theold Bohr (VC1)

Theold Bohr
Theold Bohr
Birth Date c.1917 (Aged 20 by 1937)
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Rank(s) Pvt profilePrivate
Role Gallian militiaman (former)
Unit Class Lancer-insigniaLancer
Likes None
Valkyria Chronicles
Voice Acting

Theold Bohr (セオルド・ボーア Seorudo Bōa?) is an eighteen year old Squad 7 lancer who appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles videogame.


An impoverished childhood has driven home the importance of wealth for him, driving him to seek fame and fortune as a war hero.

Born in an isolated village, he bears a strong hatred for Darcsen "heretics". Weak to the strong, but strong to the weak, he enjoys tormenting Kevin.

Meeting a woman of truly noble character and experiencing real love for the first time profoundly changed him, as few who knew him before would believe possible.


Base StatsEdit

  • HP - 260
  • Accuracy - 13
  • Evasion - 0
  • AP - 350
  • Defense - 6

Max StatsEdit

  • HP - 443
  • Accuracy - 23.7
  • Evasion - 12.6
  • AP - 400
  • Defense - 12

Personal PotentialsEdit

  • Child Of Nature - Paved roads feel strange and cold, leading to discomfort and lowered defense
  • Darcsen Hater - Even just being around Darcsens makes them nauseous, leading to a decrease in defense.
  • Night Blind - Unable to see well in the dark, they're quick to panic at night, meaning a loss in accuracy when firing.
  • Bully - Roaming around with a pack of allies makes them feel like a big shot, boosting firing accuracy.

Battle PotentialsEdit

  • Anti-armor Boost - Their attack power against tanks is occasionally increased.
  • Tank Slayer - When near two or more tanks, they receive a boost to attack-related parameters.
  • Poison Tolerance - An acquired tolerance to toxins renders them immune to status ailments.
  • Tank Destroyer - Attacks against tanks have a chance to deal a lethal blow.



  • "Save me some glory."
  • "Check me out!"


  • "Take this!"
  • "Ha!"
  • "I'm not a coward!"

Killing a Foe

  • "See that!?"

Enemy Sighted

  • "I see one!"
  • "Enemy found!"

Personal Potentials

  • "First one to call me a hick, gets it." (Child of Nature)
  • "I don't like it! They're bad luck." (Darcsen Hater)
  • "Eugh...can't see a damn thing!" (Night Blind)
  • "Aww...come on! That all you got, shrimp?" (Bully)

Battle Potentials

  • "Now I can get me some real glory." (Anti-armor Boost)
  • "Take out a tank, and I'll be a real hero." (Tank Slayer)
  • "You can't poison a snake!" (Poison Tolerance)
  • "Time to get me a medal!" (Tank Destroyer)

Healed by Ragnaid

  • "Yeah. Thanks."

Rescuing an Ally

  • "Medic."

After Medic Visit

  • "Yeah and I'd rather have a teammate not die."
  • "Medic. Get this mess cleaned up."

HP Critical

  • "...Easy for you to say."
  • "You mad at me or something?"


  • "Damn...punks."


  • "How stupid can I...Welkin, I wish I...never met you..."

Enter Squad 7

  • "Heyyy, Theold Bohr here. Remember the name, boss-man."

Exit Squad 7

  • "...Hey, what'd I do? Oh c'mon, man, gimme another chance here!"
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