Ty the Immortal
Unit Class Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper
Weapon Drop ZM MP 1(g)
ZM MP 3(g)
ZM MP 6(g)
Chapter 03: Vasel Urban Warfare
Chapter 08: The Woodland Snare (Pt.1)
Chapter 17: The Bridge to Hope
Voice Acting

Ty the Immortal is a long serving ace shocktrooper encountered throughout the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

He first appears at Vasel, during the recapture of the west bank. His name is well earned as he proves to be the most resilient of all Imperial aces making two more appearances during the story. He makes his second appearance at Kloden, during Welkin and Alicia's separation from the squad and escape through the forest and his third and final appearance at Vasel's east bank, during Squad 7's second confrontation with Radi Jaeger.

He is also makes an appearence in the Skirmish 09: East Bank of Vasel skirmish mission from the EX Hard Skirmish downloadable content.


Ty wields many weapons throughout the game, the following is a list of the weapons earned for defeating him:


  • There is also a GRA Fencer ace named Ty who appears in Valkyria Chronicles 2. However, it most likely is a different Ty, as not only does he not carry the "Immortal" moniker, he is also referenced in the briefing as a local war hero in Arlem.

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