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Vár is Imca's trademark weapon. The size of the weapon outmatches Imca's own size, but she's still able to use it with ease. It can be used as a great sword, an anti-tank gun, a rifle, a sniper rifle or a machine gun depending on Imca's class. Upon switching classes, the appearance of the weapon is altered as well. For example, as a sniper rifle Var is outfitted with a sniper scope and metal jacket or as an anti-tank gun it is equipped with anti-tank warheads.

As Imca's special ability, it is also able to lock-down multiple targets and fire at them simultaneously. Because of this, it is the most versatile weapon in the series. The canon version is actually an anti-tank cannon (about 37mm), machine gun and sword combined. Var has 4-5 in-game models which all vary slighty, for example the lancer version doesn't carry the ammo drums or blue side pouch and has a lancehead affixed to the main barrel yet the special 'Open Fire' version has all the features seen in this page's picture but instead of the large calibre barrel, it has 3 smaller barrels. From a statistical standpoint, it takes on the characteristics of any weapon you assign to Imca herself.

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