Valerie Aynsley (VC3)

Valerie Aynsley
Valerie Aynsley
Alias Number 12
Birth Date c.1907 (Aged 30 by 1937)
Height 168cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Role Historian (former)
Gallian Army personnel
Unit Class Any
Preferred Scout-insigniaScout
Likes Riela Marcellis
Margit Ravelli
Clarissa Callaghan

Valkyria Chronicles 3
Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA

Voice Acting
"To know the truth of history, one must study history as recorded by the fallen."
—Valerie Aynsley, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Valerie Aynsley (ヴァレリー・エインズレイ Varerī Einzurei?), known as "Number 12" was a historian. She was searching for the truths behind the Darcsen Calamity and repeatedly attempted to trespass on historical ruins. Her preferred classes are Scout and Engineer. She is voiced by Ai Sasaki.


Expanded Biography

"A historian who has devoted her life to the pursuit of the truth."

Valerie was one of the youngest assistant professors at Randgriz University (the university Welkin attended), and is a brilliant historian. While she was researching the roots of the Darcsen Calamity, Valerie repeatedly entered Randgriz Castle without authorization and also dug through some of Gallia's more sensitive documents. Gallia's ruling body was intent on keeping the royal family's Darcsen heritage a secret, and assigned Valerie to Nameless because they considered her a serious threat to national stability.

Valerie's professor once told her that knowing history is to know the world and thus humans as a whole. Believing in the truth of these words, Valerie is convinced that uncovering the truth about Gallia's history, war, and prejudice will help to build a future without unjust persecution. To this end, she has devoted her life to pursuing the truth in all things. She maintains a neutral position in all circumstances and is unaffected by things like age and rank when she interacts with others. Valerie does, however, have a tendency to bury herself in her research, at which point she becomes oblivious to everything around her.

After Nameless was disbanded, Valerie lost her position at the university and was unable to continue her research. She was given an opportunity to begin her studies anew with a researcher in a foreign country, however, and Valerie gratefully accepted.

Max Stats

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 277 650 71 32 16
Trooper Elite 243 300 59 27 18
Lancer Elite 247 250 62 26 24
Engineer Elite 287 450 72 32 17
Tech Elite 237 350 - 27 54
Sniper Elite 233 250 62 27 14
Gunner Elite 241 300 60 27 18
Fencer Elite 239 350 - 26 21

Personal Potentials

  • Composure - Keeps a cool head when under interception fire, leading to a boost in accuracy.
  • Girl Genius - Accuracy, evasion, defense, anti-personnel and anti-armor damage, and status resistance may be raised upon selection.
  • Chatty Cathy - Being near units with good affinity may prove distracting, leading to a loss of accuracy.
  • Inquisitiveness - Evasion may be lowered when Valerie spots enemy units.
  • The Gate of History - When HP is reduced below half its total points, defense and evasion may be raised. Replaces Inquisitiveness after completing the Extra Chapter Seek Out the Hidden Truth.

Battle Potentials

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, all characters share the same set of battle potentials for each and every unit classes. For the list of battle potentials, see Potentials in Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Squad Leader


  • 出撃します
  • 行くわよ!


  • 当たって!

Killing a foe

  • 敵撃破!

Enemy Sighted

Team Attack

Personal Potentials

  • 大丈夫。。頭は抑えてるわ

Battle Potentials

Healed by Ragnaid

Rescuing an Ally

HP Critical


  • 痛い。。


Revived by Medic

Status Ailment


  • Valerie's grounds for Namelessness was committing a crime (entered Randgriz Castle without authorization).
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