The Valkof, mounted on the Marmota

Possession of the Valkof is Maximilian's ultimate goal in the original Valkyria Chronicles game. Said to be the ultimate weapon, he believes that whoever wields it will control Europa. Destroying the Valkof is the objective of Chapter 18: Shadow of the Valkyrur mission 18-A: "Marmota's End."

Story and battle

By studying writings on the walls of the Temple of the Valkyrur, Maximilian learned that the resting place of the Valkof was the great spire of the Castle in Randgriz, and renewed his efforts at conquering Gallia to claim it. Following the obliteration of most of the Gallian army at Ghirlandaio by Selvaria Bles, he deployed one ultimate weapon in order to claim another, personally commanding the unstoppable advance of the land-dreadnought Marmota. Despite the best efforts of Squad 7, Marmota broke through to the capital and crashed into the Castle.

The purpose of the strange structure at the "front" of the Marmota was soon revealed; it was a mounting to allow the enormous machine to carry and aim the gigantic weapon, and was in fact intended to be the rear of the machine in its completed form. Maximilian fired the Valkof to show off its power, annihilating two of the Militia squads and blasting the top off a mountain with a searing beam of blue light.


With Welkin's unit left close to the leviathan's side, a desperate battle was fought, with the plating damaged by Alicia Melchiott in her Valkyrur form proving the key to getting on board the Marmota and attacking the giant weapon's support systems, then finally disabling the Valkof itself.

As Maximilian duelled Squad 7 in his Artificial Valkyria form, the Valkof was already falling apart onto the Marmota's deck. The explosions triggered by the Imperial leader's death finally triggered a reaction inside the Valkof, totally destroying the burning Marmota in a gigantic fireball.

In-game information

A massive lance-form weapon believed to have been used by the Valkyrur during their ancient war of conquest. Its core, said to be composed entirely of highly refined Ragnite, was capable of emitting an extremely destructive beam of light.

After the War of the Valkyrur, the spear was sealed away inside the central tower of Castle Randgriz and written out of existence. Studies performed after EWII have suggested the Valkof may have been mounted on a massive ark when used in ancient times. If true, knowledge of that ark may have informed the design of the weapon's modern mount, the Imperial dreadnought, Marmota, but a dearth of evidence has kept all speculation in the realm of conjecture.