Valkyira: Azure Revolution Original Soundtrack
Valkyria Azure Revolution OST
Price 3,024 Yen
Release Date January 19th, 2017
Catalog Number SBPS-0020~1
Publisher Sleigh Bells
Number of Discs 2

Track ListingEdit


  1. Azure Revolution
  2. War of Liberation ~Jutland Kingdom~
  3. Jutland Kingdom
  4. Richer
  5. Marching
  6. Mission Start
  7. Young Soldiers Charging Towards Victory
  8. Threat of the Ruzhien Empire
  9. Mission Succeeded
  10. Imperial City Elsinore
  11. Anti Valkyria Headquarters
  12. Drifting to Tender Memories
  13. Sabanci & Company
  14. Claudius' Ambition
  15. Attack
  16. Company in Suspiciion
  17. Lacrimosa ~ Tears to Dust
  18. Pledged Revenge
  19. Battle with Maxim


  1. Enlivened City
  2. Romance of Two
  3. Cozy Time
  4. Undue Power
  5. Battlefield
  6. Bruising Mission
  7. The Four Generals
  8. Crisis of the Imperial City
  9. Rest
  10. Vanargand
  11. Feel My Wrath
  12. War of Liberation ~The Ruzhien Empire~
  13. Requiem in the Dark Night ~Presage and Death~
  14. Immortal Valkyria ~Death Testament~
  15. Mission Failed
  16. These Gentle Fields
  17. War in the Name of "Liberation"
  18. VALKYRIA ~The Power of Destruction~
  19. To the End of Deep Sorrow
  20. Eternal Rest

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