Main Storyline

Date # Japanese Name English Name
1935.4 1章 NAMELESSへ The Second Lieutenant Becomes a Nameless
1935.4 2章 72時間の戦い The 72 hour Combat
1935.5 3章 災いの鴉 The Calamity Raven
1935.5 4章 ボルジア枢機卿護衛作戦 Escort Cardinal Borgia
1935.5 5章 禁じられた戦い The forbidden operation
1935.6 6章 帝国領、侵入 Intrude into the empire territory
1935.7 7章 休暇を掴み取れ Win a vacation
1935.7 8章 避難民救助作戦 Saving the evacuee
1935.7 9章 マクシミリアン暗殺 Assassinate Maximilian
1935.7 10章 不協和音 Discord
1935.7 11章 胎動 Stirring
1935.7 12章 明日見えぬ逃亡 Unpredictable defection
1935.8 13章 補給を求めて Desperate for replenishment
1935.8 14章 ただ、ガリアのために All for Gallia
1935.9 15章 ナジアル会戦 The clash at Naggiar
1935.10 16章 あの橋を越えろ Over that bridge
1935.10 17章 軍法会議 The court martial
1935.10 18章 月夜の決闘 A duel under the moonlight
1935.10 19章 ランドグリーズ決戦 The final battle at Randgriz
1935.10 20章 再び、NAMELESSへ Nameless again

Fragments (Character Episode)

Date Japanese Name English Name Character
1935.5 山岳奇襲作戦 Mountain Offensive Kurt Irving
1935.6 私の居場所 Where I Belong Riela Marcellis
1935.7 正の力、負の力 Positive Force and Negative Force Imca
1935.6 グスルグという男 The Man Called Gusurg Gusurg
1935.10 Sky (Extra Edition) Kurt Irving, Dahau
1935.3 The Rise of Calamity Raven Dahau
1935 剣より強きもの Mightier Than the Sword Giulio Rosso
1935 I for all I for All Felix Cowley
1935 ガリアの隼 The Falcon of Gallia Alfons Auclair
1935 A Bond Deit, Amy Apple
1935 戦場を愛する軍人 The Soldier Loves the Battlefield Serge Liebert
1935 比類なき女 A Lady Like no Other Leila Peron
1935 拳汚れなく、道険し The Rough Road for a Pure Fist Annika Alcott
1935 暗闇に棲む老女 An Old Woman of the Darkness Gloria Durrell
1935 隠された真実を求めて In Search for the Hidden Truth Valerie Aynsley
1935 老将軍、ザハール Zahar the Old General Zahar Alonso
1935 真の忠義 A True Loyalty Shin Hyuga
1935 歪んだふたり The Distorted Pair Cedric Drake, Ada Ansorge
1935 奈落に咲いた高嶺の花 A Star Shining in the Pit of Darkness Margit Ravelli
1935 罪と嘘 Guilt and Lie Clarissa Callaghan
1935 真の愛を騙る者 The Teller of true Love Elliot Oates
1935 一途な男 The Single-Hearted Man Ilmari Gasotto
1935 アンタッチャブル・レディ Lady Untouchable Gisele Fleming
1935 恐い女 The Scary Lady Frederica Lipps
1935.8 カリサの格言* Carisa's Maxim (Extra Edition) Carisa Contzen
1935.6 Pierce the Central Front Squad 7
1935.7 Anxiety for the Future Baldren Gassenarl, Audrey Gassenarl, Hubert Brixham
1935.8 Kids Head for the Future Avan Hardis, Zeri, Cosette Coalhearth
1935.8 Lion and the Diva Leon Hardins, Juliana Everhart

Extra Episode (DLC Content)

Date Japanese Name English Name Character
1935.3 クルト・アーヴィングの初陣 Kurt Irving's First Battle Kurt Irving
1935.5 もうひとつのボルジア護衛作戦 Calamity Raven
1935.7 激突!ウェルキン対ダハウ A Clash Battle: Welkin VS. Dahau Squad 7
1935.7 激突?イーディ対ダハウ A Clash Battle? Edie VS Dahau Edy Detachment
1935.8 イサラ、走る! Isara, Run! Isara Gunther
1935.8 No.1は眠れない No.1 is Restless Imca
1935.9 力の秘密 The Secret of Her Powers Riela Marcellis
1935.9 セルベリア、ナジアルを征く Selvaria at Naggiar Selvaria Bles
1935.10 終戦、そして旅立ち The War Ends and his Journey Begins Radi Jaeger
1935 反逆のヴァルキュリア The Treacherous Valkyria Valkyrur

Hard Mission (Postgame Content)

Date Japanese Name English Name
1935 Heavy Armor Unit
1935 Moonless Night
1935 OP: Destroy the Convoy
1935 OP: Engineer Convoy
1935 Set to Intercept
1935 Doomsday Countdown
1935 Battlefield Remains
1935 Gala Raid
1935 OP: Huge Tankbuster

Mission DL (DLC Content)

Date Japanese Name English Name
1935.? 懲罰任務 毒蛇の牙

Senjou no Valkyria 3 EXTRA EDITION

A list of chapters not included in the original release. Chapters marked with an asterisk are exclusive to this edition of the game, the rest have been available previously as DLC content.

Date Japanese Name English Name Character
1935.10 空* Sky * Kurt Irving, Gusurg
1935.10 Home* Home - Place where welcomes us always * Complete
1935.8 カリサの格言* Carisa's Maxim * Carisa Contzen
1935.9 力の秘密 The Secret of Her Powers Riela Marcellis
1935.8 No.1は眠れない No.1 is Restless Imca
1935.3 クルトアーウィングの初陣 Kurt Irving's First Battle Kurt Irving
1935.? 制圧された港で