Valkyria Chronicles 3 Original Soundtrack
Valkyria chronicles 3 soundtrack
Price 3,045 Yen
Release Date February 23, 2011
Catalog Number BSPE-1030~1
Publisher Basiscape
Number of Discs 2
Valkyria Chronicles 3 Original Soundtrack (戦場のヴァルキュリア オリジナルサウンドトラック) is a soundtrack album containing all the background themes of the game Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Track listingEdit


  1. Valkyria Chronicles III Main theme
  2. Fierce Battlefield
  3. In Search of the Next Battle
  4. Counter-Offensive!
  5. The Looming Sound of Combat Boots
  6. We are the Nameless
  7. Daily Life of the Nameless
  8. Signs of Unrest
  9. Swirling Conspiracy
  10. Fear and Willpower
  11. Advance and Retreat
  12. Crow of Disaster
  13. Critical Moment!
  14. A Momentary Rest
  15. Damn You!
  16. Are the Customers Simply Money
  17. Dark Hero
  18. That is the Nameless
  19. Understanding Hearts


  1. Valkyria Chronicles III Main theme (Short Version)
  2. Riela Marcellis
  3. As a Squad
  4. The Nameless, onward!
  5. With Pride in the Heart
  7. Risking Everything on this Strike
  8. Must-win Battle
  9. With you ...
  10. Unwavering Resolution
  11. Final Decisive Battle
  12. Nameless Heroes
  13. To a Future of Mutual Trust
  14. Together with a Little Future
  15. Valkyria Theme ~Guitar Ver.~
  16. Courageous Fight ~Guitar Ver.~
  17. The Decisive Battle ~Guitar Ver.~
  18. Series Main Theme ~Guitar Ver.~


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