Valkyria Chronicles 4
VC4 Artwork2
Series Valkyria Chronicles
Engine Proprietary "CANVAS" engine
Platform(s) PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Genre(s) Action strategy role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front (戦場のヴァルキュリア4) is the fourth game in the Valkyria Chronicles series. It will release on March 21, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One and for Switch in Summer 2018.[1]

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will occur in the same timeframe as the previous games, focusing instead on the members of Squad E.[1]


It is the year 1935 EC.

The continent of Europa is engulfed in the flames of the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance. Although the Federation struggles valiantly against the Empire’s forces, the relentless imperial military machine threatens to consume them. With victory slipping away, the Federation executes Operation Northern Cross: a last-ditch attempt to capture the imperial capital and end the war.

Commander Claude Wallace and his loyal childhood friends in Squad E are sent to fight for the desperate operation’s success, but they will have to endure harsh bone-chilling elements, waves of imperial soldiers, and the terrifying Valkyria… and unravel a grave truth that will shake them to the core.[1]


See List of Valkyria Chronicles Characters.

Squad E

Name Description Voice
Claude Wallace headshot
Claude Wallace
The protagonist. Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Leisure Battalion Squad E squad leader and tanker. A first lieutenant. He is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer.[1] Japanese:
Ryousuke Kanemoto
Riley Miller headshot
Riley Miller
The heroine. A member of the Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Leisure Batallion’s Heavy Weapons Support Team. A grenadier. A second lieutenant technician. She is positive and cheerful, and ambitious in that she pushes forward without fear of failure.[1] Japanese:
Nao Touyama
Raz headshot
A division officer of Squad E. Since he is of the persecuted “Darcsen” people, he does not have a last name. He belongs to the infantry class of the army.[1] Japanese:
Kazuya Nakai
Kai Schulen headshot
Kai Schulen
A division officer of Squad E and a prodigy sharpshooter known as the "One Shot Killer."[1] Japanese:
Maaya Sakamoto


Name Description Voice
Crimaria portrait
Crymaria Levinc
The Valkyria known as the “Witch of the Snowstorm” and the special duty captain of “X-0”, the Imperial Science Institution’s special test unit. She has a strong inferiority complex because she was forced to live as a test subject at the Valkyria Experimental Facility. She acts alongside her friend, a wolf named Fenrir.[2] Japanese:
Forse portrait
Tactical commander of the X-0 Imperial military unit that appears countless times before the protagonist and company. He injured his leg and thus does not participate directly in battle. He has great confidence in himself and is always composed.[2] Japanese:
Kaito Ishikawa
Belgar portrait
The supervisor of X-0. He is of noble background and is an executive at the Imperial science institution. He has the authority of an admiral, and X-0 are his chess pieces.[2] Japanese:
Shō Hayami
Chiara portrait
Chiara Rocino
A special member of X-0. She and Nikola were brought up together like sisters at the Imperial research institution. She is assigned the duty of eliminating Belgar’s enemies. She has a sadistic personality.[2] Japanese:
Yukiyo Fujii
Nikola portrait
Nikola Graf
A special member of X-0. Like Chiara, she acts as Belgar's bodyguard. She is sadistic as well, but unlike Chiara, Nikola is the malicious type.[2] Japanese:
Naomi Ōzora
Klaus portrait
Klaus Walz
The captain of “Ausbruch,” an independent gang of the Imperial army. He is a veteran commander who charges into battle with the strong conviction to “protect the people living in the Empire.” He battles riding in his personal tank.[2] Japanese:
Hiroki Tōchi



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