Valkyria Chronicles Anime
Original Soundtrack
Vcanime soundtrack
Price 3,150 Yen
Release Date September 30, 2009
Catalog Number SVWC-7654
Publisher Aniplex
Number of Discs 1

Track ListingEdit

  1. The Darscen Calamity
  2. Girl on the Battlefield
  3. An Easygoing Sketch
  4. Farewell, My Home
  5. Blush and Dismay
  6. Capture of a Little Spy
  7. A Scheming Talk
  8. First Love
  9. Kindness in the Middle of the Battlefield
  10. A Coverage Action
  11. Slapstick Coverage
  12. Beat or be Beaten
  13. Their Respective Nights
  14. A Soldier's Pride
  15. Too Serious
  16. Armoured Train
  17. Talkful Moments
  18. Unstoppable Delusions
  19. A Special Stage
  20. An Airy Band Performance

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