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Valkyria Chronicles Song Collection
Vc songcol
Price 2,625 Yen
Release Date April 21, 2010
Catalog Number SVWC-7686
Publisher Aniplex
Number of Discs 1
Valkyria Chronicles Song Collection (戦場のヴァルキュリア ソングコレクション) Senjou no Valkyria Song Collection) is music album featuring music from the games, Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and the Valkyria Chronicles anime.

Track ListEdit

  1. Donnani Tooku demo... ~Game Ending Ver.~ (JUJU)
  2. Ugetsu Gararu Omoi (豊口めぐみ) (The Voice Actress of the Game is not the Same as in the Anime. Megumi Toyoguchi sang this version)
  3. Ashita he no Kizuna ~TV ver.~ (HIMEKA)
  4. Anofu ni Notte ~TV ver.~ (pe'zmoku)
  5. Kanashimi no Rensa ~TV ver.~ (MARIA)
  6. Hitotsu no Negai (井上ひかり)
  7. Sora wa Aoi mama (皆川純子)
  8. Usotsuki (皆川純子)
  9. Umaretate no Ashita (石黒千尋)
  11. Twin Tail ☆Koishiteru!? (鹿野優以&庄司宇芽)
  12. Our Story (CHEMISTRY)

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