Valkyrian Wars is a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars which is presently in-development. It intends to bring the world and aesthetic of Valkyria Chronicles into the SAGE game engine used for Tiberium Wars.

It can be seen on its Mod Database site, [1]


As can be seen from the development imagry of the mod, it appears to use a composite setting between VC1 and VC2 in an effort to "fill out" the technology trees of the Gallians. It is expected that Valkyria Chronicles classes and vehicles will be adapted for balance into roles not unlike those used in a traditional Command & Conquer format, however as it stands this is presently speculation.


At present, very little is known about gameplay. However, from the developer notes at the top of the page, the development team seems to want to take the gameplay in a direction more in line with Company of Heroes'which would also likely make units more important than in a pure Command & Conquer-formatted environment.

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