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Viktor Timashev

Viktor Timashev
Affiliation Ruzhien Empire
Imperial Army
Four Commanders
Rank(s) General
Role No. 2 of the Four Commanders
Head of General Army Staff HQ
Minister of Home Affairs
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Atsuki Tani

Viktor Timashev (ヴィクトール・チマシェフ Vikutōru Chimashefu?) is one of the Four Commanders of the Ruzhien Empire and serves as an antagonist in Valkyria Revolution. Viktor operates the magic machine known as the Snake.[1]


No. 2 of the Empire’s Four Commanders. Head of the Army General Staff Headquarters. Also serves as the Minister of Home Affairs. A skilled general who excels at strategy. He is a sharp person who no sooner than Claudius’ Empire enthronement developed a strategy to expand the Empire. He participated in the orphanage raid incident, and is an enemy of Amleth and company. He idolizes Claudius, but as for anyone else, he doesn’t mind sacrificing them; his personality is primarily cold. He has some sort of seed of insanity in him. He is terribly polite towards the emperor he worships. He has a disagreeable, gloomy, superficially polite tone towards most people. He likes "serpent-type" heavy magic machinery.[1]


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