Violette Szand

Violette Szand
Violette Szand
Affiliation Circle of Five
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Miyuki Sawashiro[1]
English TBA

Violette Szand (バイオレット・サンド Baioretto Sando?) is a young woman affiliated with the Jutland Kingdom and one of the "Circle of Five' who appears as an ally in Valkyria Revolution.

Enlightened to her own powerlessness, Violette is a woman who gains the "power" that should be hers through "information" on the day she vowed revenge. As the only woman in the Circle of Five, she has a Madonna-like existence. With her good looks, voluptuous body, and cheerful personality, she takes advantage of her woman’s weapon to the fullest, and works hard at intelligence operations belonging to military intelligence. She feeds the information she acquires to the "Circle of Five," and sometimes circulates "lies" to move the war to better conditions.[2]


Valkyria Revolution
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