Yggdism cathedral

The Ygdisst High Cathedral in Gallia

The religion of Yggdism believes in the divinity of the Valkyrur, and is one of the largest religious sects to do so. The commander of the GRA's armoured division, Audrey Gassenarl, is a devout member of this faith.


The Yggdist faith arose at the start of the 3rd Century and gradually spread to all regions of Europa. Its tenets hold that the Valkyrur were a race of gods, and its mythology draws heavily from the northern legends brought in during their conquest. Their symbol is a blue Valkyrur spiral.

In the middle ages, the head of the Yggdist faith had immense influence and power. Conflict over the right to this position and a power shift to stated controlled by kings and emperors led to Yggdism weakening significantly. It, however, still has followers to this day.

Because beliefs have traditionally taken the form of popular superstitions tied closely to everyday practices, regional differences abound, blurring the lines between one sect and the next.

Notable YggdistsEdit



  • In Norse mythology, Yggr, anglicised as Ygg, is one of the names of the God Odin; it means The Terrible One.

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