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"Zeri" is an alternate version of Zeri, which can be unlocked along with "Ali" and "Cosette" by entering NL45TX9F8VRSUKGR password. His unit class also changes from Shocktrooper to Armored Tech.


Base StatsEdit

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense

Max StatsEdit

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense

Personal PotentialsEdit

  • Quibbler - They insist that their theories are always right, lowering their defense.
  • Dissonance - They become uncomfortable when non-brethen are nearby, lowering attack power against infantry.
  • Irritation - They become enraged when facing interception fire, raising attack power against infantry targets.
  • Enthusiasm - A strong belief in their ideals lets them take another action.

Battle PotentialsEdit

Class Potentials


Squad Leader


  • "Moving out."
  • "Watch and learn."


  • "Hrrrah!"
  • "You're through!"

Killing a Foe

  • "Enemy silenced!"
  • "Yes!"

Enemy Sighted

  • "Enemy sighted!"
  • "I see you there!"

Personal Potentials

  • "But that doesn't make any sense!" (Quibbler)
  • "I'll show you, once I'm a hero." (Dissonance)
  • "All right! Out of my way!" (Irritation)
  • "Aargh, again!" (Enthusiasm)

Battle Potentials

  • "All right, feelin' good!"
  • "I can take you all on!"

Healed by Ragnaid

  • "Thank you."

Rescuing an Ally

  • "Medic! We got a man down. Hurry!"

After Medic Visit

  • "Avan, quit jokin' around! Avan!" (Avan)
  • "Juliana! JULIANA!" (Juliana)

HP Critical

  • "If you want it done right...!"
  • "This is nothing...!"


  • "Deaaargh! Aagh... Unh..."


  • "Pathetic. Some hero I turned out to be."

Revived by Medic

  • "I won't waste this chance."

Status Ailment


  • "Zeri" is an Armored Tech, told apart from the "real" Zeri by his lack of glasses. Personality wise, "Zeri" takes the Darcsen Pride potential, and skews it - he loses combat ability when a non-Darcsen unit is present nearby.
  • "Zeri" is notable for being the only Tech able to have Double Movement, Feint, and a form of Double Action (in his Personal Potential "Enthusiasm") as a Fencer Elite -- all very good potentials for the class.

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